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6m x 40ft Super Heavy Duty Container Shelter

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6m x 40ft Super Heavy Duty Container Shelter

6m x 40ft Super Heavy Duty Container Shelter

At 5.80m wide and 12.192m deep, this popular and Super Strong shelter creates 70.71m2 of protection, solving the problem of long & narrow requirements for you. 9 portals and 5 purlin sets of structural grade steel adds to Container Shelters high specification of fully hot-dipped, galvanised, super strong, rolled steel frames combined with our 610gsm m2, UV stabilised, Ripstop, fire retardant, PVC covers to make this the best price competitive alternative to metal sheds and other cheap imitations because Councils’ will make you remove any non-certified shelter!


Dimensions: L 12.192 x W 5.8m x H 2m

Floor Area: 70.71m² (approx)

Frame construction: 48mm diam. 2.3mm gauge, hot dip galvanised structural grade steel

Roof material: 610gsm PVC, UV stabilised & fire retardant

Number of portals: 9

Number of purlins: 5

Crate dimensions: 192cm x 73cm x 52cm

Weight: 493kg

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All our shelters feature:

NZ Engineer Certified to 249kms p/h
Hot Dip Galvanised Frames
Professional H&S Certified Installers
610gsm, UV Stabilised PVC Covers
AUS/NZS 1170.2:2011 Code Compliance
Rolled Structural Steel Frames
10 Year Full Warranty
All Products Supplied Complete

What makes Container Shelters better?

We insist on using fully hot dip galvanised and rolled, 3.2mm gauge structural steel portals and Rip Stop, Heavy Duty, UV stabilised, 610gsm, PVC bonded covers – NOT 280gsm, polyethylene (PE) covers and nor are wire bracings required as with most others.

Our Super Heavy Duty (SHD) Container Shelters are NZ engineer certified to meet and comply with AUS/NZS 1170.2:2011 wind load ratings (“C” cyclonic) 249kms p/h and to withstand New Zealand’s variable weather conditions.

When comparing our shelters please note the additional number of portals and purlins used which provide added strength, durability and of course safety. We truly believe there are no other products available that meet Container Shelters level of value, quality, serviceability and longevity.

NZ Councils’ will require you to remove any non-certified shelter!

All of our products come with our industry leading 10 Year Warranty and complete, ready to assemble and include easy to read & follow comprehensive, assembly instructions

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